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Date: 4th July, 2016
From: Xavier Barroso

Dear Customer,

These days there are countless numbers of different Website Management Software's available to you through a simple search in google. So why is our Website Management System any different and most importantly why should you consider buying it?

Many Online Businesses are already using the power of multiple website programs to fulfill the need for better Business growth & feature's, now there is a multi base System available to you in one easy to install software.

I tried many other PHP Website Management programs! but they all lacked the freedom to use it as if it were created by me and build upon it the features and designs that would better suit my website as my ideas for Online Business grew.



Plr Script Software Box

Introducing PLR Script An Incredibly Power Packed Website, Member, Content & Product Management Software in One in 1 easy to install Package!


PLR Script is very unique in the fact that it uses the power of 3 Membership, content & Product Management software's in one Super featured Power packed Software.


With PLR Script you can Manage Your Online Store Sales for Physical or Digital Products, Manage Membership Areas for Paid Member Benefits and also have the use of wordpress to manage your daily Business Blogging.



PLR Script is an open source php script with which you can modify in which ever way you need completely unrestricted as it is pure source codes and not some scrambled encoded garbage.

PLR Script Saves you time from having to design your website from scratch! The turnkey design that it comes pre-installed with can be easily modified with the Templates Manager in the admin area.

PLR Script is also full of great features:

  • Built in 2 Level Affiliate Program - The Affiliate System is a 2 tier Affiliate Level Program which means affiliates can refer other affiliates and get paid a commission when other affiliates makes a sale too. This means Affiliates can promote your products and the Affiliate Program and get paid as well.
  • Manage Unique Affiliate Products - You can List Unlimited Unique Affiliate Products for your Affiliates to promote for you. You can add Banners for the selected products and can add unlimited downloads to the product type.
  • Manage Member Area Pages - With the Template Manager you can have different templates for different areas of your site so you can have Pro Members with specific template and Affiliates area with another template type.
  • Mobile Friendly Design - The Script is mobile friendly. When your visitors visit your site on a mobile device they will be diverted automatically to the mobile friendly version of your website. You can Manage the mobile friendly templates in the templates Manager.
  • Social Share Buttons - Social sharing is available through the home page as an option, there is a social share button as well as through the tell your friends page.
  • Join Using Facebook Login - You can now let your visitors join & Login to your site using Facebook Join & Login. Whether you offer free or paid products your facebook join system will integrate seamlessly so that you can enjoy the benefits of saving your customers headaches of filling out long forms. This of coarse is optional for customers at the join page.
  • Set One Time Offers - You can set one time offers to be viewed directly after member login, after joining free before thank you page is shown, and after joining a paid option after return from paypal. It also allow you to add down sells which will show if your customer is not interested in first offer and clicks "No Thanks" button. You can also set unique One time offers for Unique Affiliate Product Types
    • **New** Store One Time Offer Discounts: Set a Time sensitive store wide One Time Offer Discount Percentage based on all listed store products. Available after initial purchase was made.
  • Drip Feed Content & Downloads - You can set your content pages to be released to your member after a select amount of time! Say for example if you want to Set Month 1 Content & Downloads for Imediately after joining, then set Month 2 Content Pages & Downloads after 31 days as active member and Month 3 Content after 62 days & so on etc.
  • Clickbank & Paypal payment Methods - Automatic Paypal and Clickbank Registration and Member activation with instant downloads on thank you page. As well as optional set your own Payment Processor.
  • Google & Search Engine Friendly Design -. we have designed the PLR Script with the Best Search Engine Optimisation techniques so that the search engines like Google will index your website and give you more search engine visibility.
  • Automatic Social Networks Link Submission -. When you use our unique affiliate product page to list your product s or store products you can choose to automatically submit your product details to your pre-configure social network Accounts, this is a great way to build backlinks, currently supporting,,,,,, Also the submitter uses Text Spinner Syntax so you can post unique content with every post. 
  • **NEW** Push Button Easy Template Editor - **Now also for Mobile Templates - With this latest Template Editing feature you can customize the Default Templates to best suit your needs with the push button editor. Here are some of the things you can edit with the Template editor:
    • Site Width
    • Template Theme Color
    • Optional Site Background Image upload
    • Select Background Color
    • Optional Rounded or Non rounded corners
    • Optional use border shadows
    • Select border color
    • Select border thickness
    • Forms Submit button colors
    • Site Navigations Colors
    • Select Page Background Color
    • Forms/Tables background color
    • Optional Border Shadow Thinckness
    • You can Choose to use only the left panel, only right panel, no panels or both panels
    • Choose the Heading, Slogan & Site wide: Font Types, Font Colors & Font Size's
    • **New** Edit Mobile Templates with the same easy push button editing system


  • And to much more to list here - There is so much more that PLR Script can do but I don't have the room here so You'll just have to trust me.

For a full list of PLR Script features list visit the features page.

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The PLR Script is PHP based and will require PHP5 installed on your Web host which most do anyway.

And just for saying Yes Today you will also benefit from these bonuses for you free:

You will also be backed by our fully functional Error Free Guarantee


100% Satisfaction Error Free Guarantee!
We promise that the PLR Script will do all this and more and if you find an error in the script we provided to you we will fix the issue and give it back to you 100% problem and error free



When You Join you will receive instant download to the file with easy to follow instructions in the docs folder

With PLR Script you don't need any experience to manage your new website and make it a profitable one:

  • Comes Pre-Installed with turnkey Web Template

  • Open Source PHP script (You can modify as you wish)

  • No files to modify or configure

  • Simple Browser Based Installation Guides you through the steps

  • You don't need to hire a programmer


We have been consistently adding features to the PLR Script for over 3 years and have put over 700 Hours programming work to bring it to you ready and problem free.

For this reason we are asking for Just 1 Payment of $42.30 for the PLR Script.


My Friend,
Running an Online Business has become something you need to keep getting better at. With all the possibilities and options you have with the PLR Script you are almost guaranteed to make your Online Business Goals achievable much quicker and effortless.

Yes! Send me this Product right now!

I Understand: That I'll have the PLR Script Membership Management Software Product Package completely as promised and any files (if applicable) will be available to me in Download format immediately after I purchase safely through Paypal for just $42.30

I Understand I Must: Verify the confirmation email by clicking the link in the email you will send to the email I joined with before download link will work on thankyou page on return from paypal once payment is complete otherwise I can Log in and download my product after I verify my email address anytime after purchase. (Also Please check your Junk Mail if email does not arrive)

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Payments Processed Securely through Paypal, Credit Cards Accepted Through Paypal Processor

Every once in a Blue Moon a product comes out that is a huge advantage for your battle towards achieving success! The question is are you going to take advantage of it?


Xavier Barroso


P.S.   Remember With The PLR Script You have Full Open Source License to Modify for your Personal/Business needs if you ever want to & have rights to resell PLR Script for as much as you want.

P.P.S.    My Friend just like when you sell your car you get some of the money back of that you purchased with. With this vehical however it can be your prosperity as you have the right to resell it unlimited times and you only paid for it one time! and being digital it is all set up on auto pilot from purchase to delivery of plr script using this management system and the help and support of our Website Setup Option

P.P.P.S.    At the price of a cheap used mountain bike you can purchase this Software and use it to Manage your Business from A to Z and also Start a New Business for yourself on the side Selling something thats unique and priceless in the sense it serves a purpose to all Business and Website Starters....

P.P.P.P.S.  After all the hard work and At this price I may decide to think about rising the price, So HURRY! and get in before the price skyrockets! 


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